Monday, April 6, 2009

1st trip to Publix 3/03/09

Bag of Red Seedless Grapes
Bag of Red Delicious apples
Bag of Red Potatoes
6 - Yoplait Yogurts
2 - packs of Yoplait Trix yogurts
12 roll of Bounty paper towels
2 - Toaster Strudels
Frozen Pillsbury biscuits
2 - bags of Kraft mozzarella cheese
Tropicana OJ
4 boxes of Pop Tarts
Quaker Squares Cereal
Kellogs Raisin Bran Crunch Cereal
Kellogs Corn Flakes
Captain Crunch Cereal
Special K Cereal
Kraft Velveta Mac - Cheese
Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes
2 Boxes Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Bag of Dorrito's
Martha White Cornmeal
2 packs Ground Beef
Round Roast
2 Bags of Hershey's Bliss chocolate
2 Classico Spaghetti Sauces
6 Cans Progresso Soups
2 Dozen eggs
2 Mueller boxes of pasta
Can of Del Monte Diced Tomatoes
4 Bags of Idaho Instant Potatoes
Voila Frozen Garlic Chicken Meal
Publix Ice Cream
Lysol Cleaner
20 Cans Green Giant Corn & Green Beans
Spaghetti Sauce
Can of Hormel Chicken
3 packs of Angel Soft Toilet Tissue
Gallon of Milk
Publix Tall Trash Bags
2 Boxes of Betty Crocker Brownies
4 Bags of Gorton's Shrimp
Box of Fish Sticks
3 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls


Total Spent $ 142.13

Total Saved $ 133.77 !!!

$ 276 groceries for $ 142 - This was my 1st Grocery Store Shopping Trip using Coupons the correct way. Believe me, I was amazed and I was HOOKED!! I have never bought as much as I did this night as far as quantites - 20 cans of vegetables, 4 boxes of pop tarts, 5 boxes of cereal, 3 packs of toilet tissue, along with Meat, Seafood, Fruit, Produce, and cleaning supplies.

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