Sunday, April 5, 2009

1st experience - Trip to Rite Aid 3/6/09

1-Ocean Nasal Rinse $ 8.99
1-Snore Stop Extinguisher - $ 12.99
1-Soothe Eye Drops - $ 7.49 - found a $ 3 peelie on box! = $ 4.49
1-Novitra Cold Sore Medicine - $ 7.99 - $ 3 Rite Aid coupon printed off internet = $ 4.99
1-Snore Stop Fast Tablets - $ 8.99
1-Sinus Buster - $ 8.99
- $ 5 off $ 25 Rite Aid coupon printed off internet
Total with tax - $ 48.32
All products part of Rite Aid's Monthly Rebate Program - will receive a check from Rite Aid for Total of $ 55.44 (cost of products before coupons!) at beginning of April = Profit of $ 7.12 + ALL these products for FREE
*Note - this was my FIRST trip out trying all of this COUPONING/DRUG STORE DEALS (Thanks to Debbie Hudson and her friend Sonya for teaching me how to get started!) . I learned later that these are monthly deals, so I didn't have to run out and buy all of this at the first of the month. Now, I could have submitted this receipt the same night and received the check soon after, but I was taught to wait until the end of the month in case I wanted to do another deal. Rite Aid only issues a rebate check ONCE per month. Another tip, these rebates are entered online from info from your receipt, NO need to mail original receipts as proof of purchase! But PLEASE hold onto your receipts until you receive your check in the mail in case your check is the wrong amount. You DO have to tell Rite Aid online that you want your check to be issued though, they don't do it automatically.

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